Since 2016, the Augustine home has been housed in a rented house in Tohouè. We have done a lot of work to ensure that this house can properly accommodate the children. But the building is still not completely fit for purpose. The dormitories are poorly ventilated, water seeps in during the rainy season, and the slab is showing signs of weakness.

We’re faced with a decision: spend large sums of money on the rented premises or invest in the construction of an orphanage that would belong to the Donatin association and thus to the children. Of course, becoming an owner seemed the best solution to strengthen the future of the Donatin project. After a complete rethink of the project, we’re ready to take the plunge. We’ve saved a little money to start the foundations, but we need your help to continue building.

Construction will take place on the Sogo land owned by the Donatin association.

In the first phase, on the first floor: 8 dormitories with 8 beds each.
In a second phase, a dormitory floor could be added.
The Sogo land 1.4 ha, owned by the Donatin association

The benefits of this project are:

  • it’s a way of improving children’s living conditions
  • an investment in the future for the benefit of the children
  • it’s an opportunity to make the project stronger and more stable
  • by owning the project, we will reduce rental costs.

Why support our project?

With this project, you’ll be helping to give 60 orphaned and destitute girls a future.
This house gives us a long-term vision, as the girls become independent and leave their place to new children.

How can you help?

Financial contribution

The total cost of construction will be around 70 million CFA francs (around 105,000 euros).

  • If you are in France, you can make a secure donation on the HelloAsso platform of our partner Association Volodalen. We guarantee that 100% of your donation will be used to build the dormitories. We’ll send you a tax receipt immediately, enabling you to deduct 60% of your donation from your income tax. Link to the online donation page on HelloAsso.
  • If you’re in Benin: contact us on 95 84 69 73 by phone or WhatsApp.
  • In other situation, please contact our partner by email
Donation in kind

You can send us cement and iron bars to use in the construction.

Follow the construction progress
We’ve put our savings together to start construction at the end of April 2024.